128 Years Glass Making Art using Sand from the Lausitz Region
Fine glasses for moments of joy, that is what Stölzle Lausitz has represented for 128 years. Are you looking for glasses to give as gifts, to entertain or to quietly enjoy at home? A glass by Stölzle adds a noble touch to water, whiskey and wine. For good reason:


Be it in the restaurant or at home, Stölzle has the right glass for every taste.
Revel in the Stölzle-Variety


The especially high-quality sand from Lausitz is what makes Stölzle-glasses so clear.
Dive into the secret of the Stölzle-Quality


Our facility in Weißwasser has been refining the art of glass making continuously since 1889.
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Get colorful. Colorful glasses by Stölzle Lausitz are taking the catering world by storm.
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Function with Style

When high-tech is expressed in beauty something irresistible is created. As is the case with glasses by Stölzle Lausitz. 128 years of know-how flowed into the making of each wine or champagne glass, in each mug, tumbler and pitcher. Refer to one of our wine glasses from the Quatrophil series to see how Stölzle Lausitz harmoniously combines form and function:

Like Hand-Blown

Your lips feel the essence of glass making art: the thin, finely polished edge, the glass gently reinforcing towards the stem.


The chalice is designed to give the wine more room to breathe towards the bottom. Towards the glass edge, the opening of the glass narrows: The fine wine flows evenly over the tongue, develops its full aroma and bestows complete enjoyment.

As if from a Single Mould

Smooth transitions and a solid stem – glasses by Stölzle are an aesthetic delight. Solid beauty which gives lasting pleasure.

Elegant & Stable Baseplate

A firm footing is further ensured by the seamlessly welded stem.

Brilliant Crystal Glass

Stölzle-Glasses are free from lead, extraordinarily clear and sparkle in sunlight. This brilliance is created from the Lausitz quartz sand which we combine with soda, potash, and feldspar. Our secret: During the glass melting we add own shards of crystal glass. That saves energy and protects the environment.

Dishwasher Safe

High quality crystal glass by Stölzle is highly resistant during the rinsing process. The glass gently reinforcing towards the stem and the seamlessly transitions between glass top and steam further protect against breakages. For countless wash cycles.


The slim, drawn stem gives the wine glass not only a touch of elegance, but also stability. The absence of steams on the whole glass increases its robustness for all daily challenges.

“Around 20% of enjoying wine is related to the right glass”